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Elib AB
Box 3667
103 59 Stockholm
Sveavägen 56E, 3tr ÖG

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About Elib

Elib is Scandinavia’s leading producer and distributor of downloadable and streaming audiobooks and e-books. We supply technical solutions for a secure and reliable distribution. Elib’s customer base covers the whole distribution chain from publishing houses to libraries and retailers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Elib offers a complete package of services for publishers wishing to distribute e-books and audiobooks over the Internet. We were established in 2000, and currently distribute over 50 000 books per month to the major retailers as well as hundreds of libraries in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland – a number which is steadily growing. We are jointly owned by the four largest publishers in Sweden, and our mission is to provide equal services to all publishers.

Elib’s services are open and non-exclusive. This means that publishers, retailers and libraries that use our services do not commit themselves to one single solution, but remain free to choose several alternative channels for their digital books.

Elib produces and supports the most popular e-book formats including PDF, Epub, Mobipocket and Microsoft LIT, and uses the major systems for distribution and digital rights management of e-books: Adobe Content Server, Mobipocket and Microsoft DAS server. Our DRM solutions include both copy protection and digital watermarking ("social DRM"). Copy protection prevents a downloaded book from being redistributed. Digital watermarking makes it possible to track a copy of a book to the person who originally downloaded it from Elib’s server, without restricting the buyer’s rights to personal use of the book. We also develop technical solutions for distribution and online reading.

Elib develops systems for lending e-books and audiobooks through libraries, including streaming audiobooks which the users can access online, as well as downloadable books in WMA format equipped with time-limited DRM.

Elib offers a complete report system to publishers, retailers and libraries, for tracking sales and loans of their digital books.

  • Elib produces e-books and MP3 books for distribution in Scandinavia.
  • Elib provides DRM services for e-books, including copy protection and watermarking.
  • Elib provides watermarking of MP3 books.
  • Elib distributes e-books and MP3 books to retailers, and e-books and streaming audiobooks to libraries.
  • Elib develops systems for selling and lending e-books and audiobooks.

What is an e-book?

An e-book is a digital book in text format. Each book is a separate file, which can be downloaded and read on a computer, or be transferred to a handheld device such as an e-book reader, a handheld computer or a smartphone.

What is an MP3-book?

An MP3 book is a downloadable audiobook. The books are provided in the MP3 format, which works with all media players and compatible mobile phones. By using digital watermarking techniques developed by MusicTrace, we provide digital rights management that does not interfere with the user’s listening experience.


  • Peter Wilcke (chairman), CEO Norstedts
  • Per Almgren (member), CEO Natur & Kultur
  • Carl Hamilton (member), Executive Chairman Piratförlaget
  • Håkan Rudels (member), Publishing Director Bonnierförlagen
  • Thorbjörn Larsson (deputy), Board Member Piratförlaget
  • Magnus Nytell (deputy), Manager Bonnierförlagen Digital
  • Pauline Riccius (deputy), Digital Manager Norstedts
  • Gert Wallin (deputy), Business Developer Natur & Kultur